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Call Us Today!
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Do you repair bikes?
Yes we do. We fix everything. And we have the right parts and tools to fix it correctly. We give free estimates for all repairs and act in your best interest when doing so.
​There are so many different types of bikes. Which one should I buy?
We stress the fit and feel of the bicycle first. There are many different categories of bicycles and it can be confusing. But if you ask yourself what you need and what you want the bicycle to do, you can quickly narrow your choices.
It is like walking into a shoe store. Now that is confusing. But if you are looking to run and need a pair of shoes, you will not start looking in the hiking boot section. Bicycles, like shoes, are designed to satisfy a specific need. Knowing this will make your search easier.
What size bike should I ride?
This is probably the most common question we hear. At International Bike Shop we stress the "fit and feel" of any bicycle we sell. Bicycles need to be "tried on" like clothes or shoes. Each type of bike feels different and each manufacturer's size also fits differently.
The key to buying the right-size bike is proper measurement and test riding. Through test rides and rider input, the technician that you are working with should be able to find the bicycle that fits and feels the best and satisfies your needs as a bicycle rider.
What if I do not find what I am looking for?
You can always ask. We cannot bring in every item designed for cycling. We have picked out what we feel are dependable products that we enjoy selling to our customers. However, on several occasions we have special ordered products for customers. It is no problem. We will always try to get you want you want. So, please do ask.
How often should I get a tune-up on my bicycle?
You should have your bicycle examined by a technician once a year. We always give free estimates in order to encourage more preventive maintenance practices.
In most cases, if we see a customer's bicycle once or twice per year, they normally get a tune-up once every two years. However, every customer is different and uses his or her bicycle differently. Just like your car, if you use it more, it usually gets oil changes more often. So, just pay close attention to your bicycle when you ride it. If you hear or feel something that just doesn't feel right, bring it in. If not, bring it in once per year.

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